Scout Crag Rock Dowels

Bell Access & Engineering Ltd worked closely with Coffey Geotechnics Limited to provide a solution for the stabilisation works. The project began with an approximate 17000m2 scale and de-veg of the crag face, removing approximately 250 tons of debris. Coffey did an initial assessment of the crag and designed solutions for the 4 areas. A combination of passive rock fall netting, rock dowels and multiple Geobrugg GBE 100A-R rockfall protection barriers have been installed to provide the best protection with the least visual impact, as the client wanted to maintain as much of the natural rockface a possible.

Due to the height and profile of the rock face the majority of the rock dowels and anchors had to be installed using hand-held pneumatic percussive drills supported on rope systems with the assistance of mechanical aids to reduces HAVs.

There was approximately 190m of Geobrugg GBE100A-R installed on the crag face and a further 21m installed vertically above a retaining wall in the first two phases of the project.


Project Details

Framework: Private enterprise
Client: Scout Cragg holiday park
Duration: 6 Months

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